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Welcome to Quest Martial Arts Academy, LLC, an award winning martial arts academy in NH!...... Watch our website for special events and announcements....... Quest Martial Arts Academy, LLC is proudly serving the following New Hampshire communities.....Barrington, Dover, Durham, Gonic, Lee, Madbury, Northwood, Nottingham, Rochester, and Strafford.... Be sure to "LIKE" us on Facebook and thank you for visiting!

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Quest Martial Arts Academy is celebrating nearly 20 years of award winning martial arts instruction... read more about our school.  

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Quest Martial Arts Academy provides martial arts instruction to children and adults....  read more about our programs.

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Our staff consists of a team of highly-trained Martial Arts educators....  read more about our instructors.  

A Letter to Parents By Tom Callos

What Our Students Say...

Karate has helped my son learn how to achieve goals step by step. Giving him the confidence to do it and putting him in a really positive atmosphere.
Riki E., mother of 2
Quest has been truly a life-changer for so many children we know. We are so fortunate to have you and this valuable resource that you've created for our town and surrounding communities.
The Settele Family
Aiden started karate on his first day of first grade and now he is in third grade. His confidence has improved so much since he started karate. His balance has improved as well. He couldn't ride a bike before he started karate and now he has the confidence to get on the bike knowing that he will have enough balance to ride the bike. So it's been phenomenal. He also has had a bully situation at school. Karate has taught him to hold back but with the confidence of knowing he has good control but if he really needed to defend himself he could.
Danielle B., mother of 4 karate students
Karate has been the best thing in my life these last three years! From a personal level, the balance I have achieved inside and outside of the dojo with the things that I do for my job. As far as my son, he is doing fantastic. He used to have really bad grades and now he has been on the honor roll from the past couple of years. It all has to do with karate.
Lorena B., student and mother of 2
I think Quest Martial Arts Academy is a great school. It's a great atmosphere to be in just with the other people who are also here. It's a really comfortable atmosphere at Quest Martial Arts Academy.
Alan F., father of 2
My son had trouble with a bully about a year ago and it wasn't a physical bully but a verbal bully. Sensei was a great help with talking with my son and also giving him a book to read as well as tactics to deal with the bully.
Theresa N., mother of 2
Jacob has really gained a new sense of confidence within himself. We wanted to give Jacob an opportunity to try something different and karate was an activity he never tried. So we thought we would give it a try. His respect at home has improved. His goal setting has improved and we really enjoy the program available at Quest.
Joe R., father of Jacob R.
Getting involved in the culture of the academy, made me realize that I could benefit from those types of skills as well. We enrolled our children at Quest Martial Arts Academy because we thought it would help their coordination and help them in school, in academics, and self-esteem building. That's exactly what we found we have gotten out of it. Also, it is a year round activity. It is not like soccer or other programs. It is a lifetime experience for them. Plus, it teaches them really good skills that they can use in their lives. I joined as well.
Donna H., student and mother of 2

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Award Winner

2015 Winner! A-List for BEST Martial Arts in NH!


2011 NH Business Excellence Award Winner!


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